5-Day Mindset Challenge 

Overcome Mental Roadblocks Preventing Weightloss

Are Your Mental Roadblocks preventing you from achieving your desired weight? Are you ready to make a change? 


You deserve to have the best life possible

Successful weight loss – the kind that stays off happens when your mind is focused on health and wellbeing. Fad diets, pills, and crazy routines won’t help you create a lifestyle centered around longevity.  

This 5-day challenge will help you find the balance between feeling sexy, obtaining the results you’ve always dreamt of and achieving mental focus so that you can live the kind of life you’ve always imagined.  

Mindset is the foundation for accomplishing everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Don’t let a quick shift block you from being able to wear your favorite little black dress or jeans – or make you feel the most confident you’ve ever felt.  

Mastering the Mindset of Weight Loss 

Focusing on the foundations of REAL weight loss. 

Mastering the Mindset of Weight Loss will guide you on setting your focus in losing those pesky pounds that keep clinging onto your waist. Start feeling confident about your body as well as your choices on well-being. Live a life full of longevity, energy, and motivation!  

Are you ready? The challenge begins tomorrow!  

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About Your Mentor

Dr. Radisha has been helping WOMEN find the CONNECTION between MENTAL HEALTH and NUTRITION through HOLISTIC LIVING

Dr. Radisha Innovative Entrepreneur, an Energetic and Informative Speaker, Radio Host, Author and Licensed Therapist.